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Special Events





Whitebridge FarmWrite On Golden Pond
Upcoming workshop: March 16-18, 2018
One of Ernest’s most popular — and life-changing — workshops. More than a hundred stories have been created at Ernest’s home in the idyllic Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The weekend begins with a cocktail party Friday evening and finishes Sunday afternoon with a reading of your newly written play by professional actors in front of a live audience. For writers of all disciplines and levels of experience. Click here to learn more. To register, call 603-744-3652 or email WOGP@WhitebridgeFarmProductions.comLimited space.




Heavenly Angle posterHeavenly Angle
Screening: TBD
HEAVENLY ANGLE, Ernest’s riotous follow-up to TIME AND CHARGES, also offered as On Location Training by Whitebridge Farm Productions, was the keynote feature film at the first-ever River Town Film Festival, where Ernest was given a key to the City of Clinton, NJ by Mayor Janice Kovach, as well as the First Annual Ernest Thompson Community Engagement Award. The film has also played to nonstop laughter at the Woods Hole Film Festival, the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF), and MIFF By-the-Sea. With an infectious soundtrack and a whole lot of heart, HEAVENLY ANGLE will have you dreaming the dream.



Time and Charges posterTime and Charges
Screening: TBD
Whitebridge Farm Productions’ first film, offered as On Location Training for anyone of any age and background interested in any aspect of filmmaking, has received standing ovations and warm welcomes at the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF), MIFF By-the-Sea, featuring “the best of MIFF,” and the Big Apple Film Festival in New York City.






Montana Repertory Theatre 2018 On Golden Pond brochure

On Golden Pond 
2018 National Tour
Under the direction of Greg Johnson, Montana Repertory Theatre has selected ON GOLDEN POND for its 2018 tour. The Rep will bring this American treasure to audiences throughout the United States. To learn more about Montana Rep and this production, click here. For the tour itinerary, click here.




Dramatists Play Service logo

Dramatists Play Service
Hundreds of  productions of Ernest’s plays are presented throughout the United States and Canada every year through the Dramatists Play Service. For a current listing of upcoming productions, click here and then select ‘View Productions by Author’ from the top drop-down menu and Ernest Thompson from the bottom one.







You Are Loved by Thompson|Jaymes

“You Are Loved” Music Video
Coming Soon
This song, with lyrics by Ernest and composed and performed by the amazing Justin Jaymes, wins hearts every time it’s played. Ernest filmed the video in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and LA. It premiered at the Maine International Film Festival last July and was selected to screen at MIFF By-the-Sea the following September, this June it had its LA premiere at the New Media Film Festival, and in July Ernest finally brought the video home to New Hampshire to share it locally before it’s released nationally.



Brontë Brook Music Video“Brontë Brook” Music Video
Lyrics by Ernest Thompson | Composed and performed by Ray Porcell
From The Journey Goes On CD, this video, directed and shot by Ernest, will melt your heart and remind you, if you need a reminder, of how deeply painful losing the love of your life can be, and what a reassuring touchstone that person’s spirit can remain. To learn more about Thompson|Porcell, click here.

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Where I'm Supposed To Be

“Where I’m Supposed To Be” CD
Now available
Eleven new songs from two old dreamers, Ernest and longtime collaborator Ray Porcell, with more to say on the subjects of loss, lust and wanderlust, remorse and revenge and renewal. Bookended by the upbeat ode to the one who got away, “Country Girl,” and the eponymous “Where I’m Supposed to Be,” one traveler’s never-too-late realization that it’s time to head home, this collection runs the gamut from aching ballads to kick-ass blues to old-time rock-n-roll. To listen to song samples, click here.



Harley Chick and Old Boys Rock

“Harley Chick” CD
Now available
Ernest teams with New Hampshire’s rock and blues legend Justin Jaymes to create their new two-song CD featuring HARLEY CHICK — the ultimate love song to Harley-Davidson, summer and freedom — and OLD BOYS ROCK — an irresistible, foot-stomping celebration of the eternal appetite boys of all ages have for being in love. To learn more and find out where Harley Chick is available for sale, click here.

Harley Chick Old Boys Rock


Boston Strong by Thompson|Deleault“Boston Strong” Single
Now available
This single, written by Ernest Thompson and Joe Deleault, speaks to Boston’s resilience and strength to overcome the tragedy of the Marathon bombing last year. To learn more and find out where Boston Strong is available for sale, click here.

Boston Strong




Experience Squam Boat ToursUltimate On Golden Pond Boat Tours
Summer ~ Fall 2018
Take a boat ride with Academy Award winner Ernest Thompson and Captain Cindy O’Leary and see ON GOLDEN POND through the writer’s eyes. Ernest has a wealth of stories about Katharine Hepburn and the Fondas and will add his personal spin to the iconic film locations included in Captain O’Leary’s tour and, if you want, Oscar will be along for the ride. For more information and to make reservations, click here.