Writing Workshop: June 27-29

WRITE ON GOLDEN POND Is writing your passion? More than a hundred stories have been created at Ernest’s farm in the idyllic Lakes Region of New Hampshire by writers of all experience and backgrounds. Yours should be next.Click here to learn more. To register, call 603-744-3652 or email WOGP@WhitebridgeFarmProductions.com. Space is limited.

IMAGINE A Movie: Part 3

OUTLINE THIS by Ernest Thompson ~ 1. Do you always need to create an outline? No.   2. Should you always create an outline? Yes.   3. Does an Oscar-winning writer always use one? Of course not. And always regrets it when he doesn’t.   4. Let’s ask a character question: what is it in our character, I mean yours, that we, you, want to skip the outline part of screenwriting? Don’t say laziness; that’s

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