La Laguna Dorada ~ Now Playing

ARGENTINIAN TOUR After a successful run in Mar del Plata, Argentina, with Chare Lopez, this tour of LA LAGUNA DORADA (ON GOLDEN POND) opens in Buenos Aires on April 4, 2014. Directed by Manuel González Gil and starring Pepe Soriano and Claudia Lapacó, with Emilia Mazer, Rodrigo Noya, Joselo Bella and Fabian Talin. For more information about this production, click here. Read review  

IMAGINE A Movie: Part 4

WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID? by Ernest Thompson ~ Yes! Every line that every character says is worth gold. You want to throw away precious minerals, you can, but if you think of all those words as priceless, perhaps it’ll help you quantify their value in your script.   Screenwriters who come from the theatre – I’m one – have an intrinsic disadvantage, balanced, fortunately, by a practiced appreciation for the essential urgency of the

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