Audition/Workshop at MIFF: July 12

Maine International Film Festival 2014 PosterFOR ACTORS, WRITERS, DIRECTORS, AND THE AUDIENCE!
See how Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ernest Thompson created Heavenly Angle, taking the best – and also the worst – of what hundreds of New England actors brought to Whitebridge Farm Productions auditions and turning their remarkable courage, spirit and talent – or discernible lack thereof – into his magical and compelling movie.

If you’re an Actor who can act, sing, dance or juggle – or, just as good, an actor who can’t, if you’re a Writer who wants to learn how an old pro can find a story in the strangest places, if you’re a Director curious to know how to bring out the best in what may not immediately seem like the best of possibilities, or if you just love films and want to see how they get conceived, this Free Workshop is for you.

Bring a song, bring a monologue, bring your imagination, and watch an Oscar winner weave gold. Whitebridge Farm Productions is already casting its next film. You could be part of it. To read more about the festival, click here.


Saturday, July 12 at 2:30 pm
Opera House Studio Theater, 93 Main Street, 1st Floor, Waterville, ME
Admission: FREE