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Bronte Brook Music Video

The Journey Goes On by Ray Porcell and Ernest Thompson

Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Composed and performed by Ray Porcell

From The Journey Goes On CD, this video, directed and shot by Oscar winner Ernest Thompson, is a love story and who doesn’t like a love story, even a sad one? The song introduces us to a couple who fell in love when they were young. The woman saved the man’s life with her sacred touch, the lyric goes, and he holds her close, long after she’s gone. Shot (on our iPhones!) through four seasons, the video is a love song to rural New Hampshire, too, the bucolic beauty of the woods and small towns, and the reassuring timelessness of the mountain stream where the old man still finds solace. BRONTË BROOK is the perfect song for anyone who believes in the amaranthine power of love. To learn more about Thompson|Porcell, click here.

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