Rising Stars Meet Oscar

Boys & Girls Club of Manchester

Ernest Visits the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester


On May, 19, 2016, Ernest visited theatre students at the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester. Sponsored by his company Whitebridge Farm Productions, Ernest conducted a Cross The Bridge workshop for young actors ages seven and up, and he took Oscar with him!

“These kids are constantly reminded of their limitations and it really makes a difference for them to hear someone successful believe in them, and encourage them to do what they love,” Performing Arts Director Alanah Tintle said.

Ernest talked about his many years in the entertainment business as actor, writer and director, the plays he has performed in on Broadway and elsewhere (his first professional job was in a touring production that started in Gilford, NH), the two TV series he starred in and the films he has been part of. He discussed the plays and movies that he has written and directed and the major movie stars he has had the honor of working with, including Robert Downey Jr., Jane and Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn.

“The kids had a wonderful time and they were all very inspired,” Ms. Tintle added.

When Ernest invited the kids to share their talent, too, they wasted no time taking the stage and treating him to a live performance of a song and dance from Annie Ms. Tintle has been rehearsing with them in preparation for their end-of-the-year show.

“Seeing their passion and desire to express themselves with such confidence brought tears to my eyes,” Ernest said. “I wish someone had come along when I was their age and suggested that any dream is achievable. And that enjoying the doing of it is what’s most important, being an actor, on whatever level, Broadway or the movies or the Manchester Boys and Girls Club. It’s wonderful to have a gift and even better to find pleasure and satisfaction indulging in it, wherever it may lead you.”

Before the afternoon was over, Ernest offered the kids a chance to hold Oscar and make acceptance speeches. “If these young actors believe it’s possible to follow in the tracks of another kid from New Hampshire–me–and one day hold their Oscars, then I’ve done my job.” He also shared his Golden Globe, took pictures, signed autographs, and lit the room up with a whole lot of smiles.

Ernest has taught hundreds of workshops for actors and writers and loves encouraging artists of all ages in developing their craft and pursuing their dreams. If your group wants to Cross The Bridge into the magic of working with one of Hollywood’s most respected artists and learn how he made his indelible mark in the history of film and theatre, please click here to request more information.

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