Free NYC Reading – November 30

Cherry Lane Theatre logoCherry Lane Theatre’s TONGUES: a reading series presents

“White People Christmas”
– Monday, November 30 | 2:00 pm –

From the Academy Award-winning writer of ON GOLDEN POND, Ernest Thompson, WHITE PEOPLE CHRISTMAS is an hilarious satire on all things racist, homophobic and elitist. A family of clinical dysfunctionals gathers at Grandmother’s house to mope through the holiday, only to have their status quo severely upended by the arrival of good St. Nick who turns out to be — wouldn’t you know it? — black. But, in the true spirit of Christmas miracles, he has a gift for each of his flabbergasted hosts and for us, too, an invitation to look beyond our traditional take on greed, contempt and a misplaced superiority complex and to dig under the wrappings for greater truths and better attitudes; the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Directed by the author, WHITE PEOPLE CHRISTMAS stars the incomparable Estelle Parsons, Broadway’s Reed Birney, the highly-regarded Shakespearean actor Johnny Lee Davenport, and New York’s Jody Prusan, Jackie Abbott, Brandon Culp and Brenne Rimberg.

White People Christmas Reading

Jody Prusan, Ernest Thompson, Estelle Parsons, Jackie Abbott, Brenne Rimberg, Brandon Culp, Johnny Lee Davenport, Reed Birney

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