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“Heavenly Angle” Movie Trailer

Heavenly Angle Poster


After a riotous premiere at the Woods Hole Film Festival, HEAVENLY ANGLE played to nonstop laughter at the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) and to more laughs at MIFF By-the-Sea in Bar Harbor. We had a gratifying homecoming at Plymouth’s fabulous Flying Monkey Theatre and other screenings are in the works, as well, so stay tuned.

Like TIME AND CHARGES, HEAVENLY ANGLE was offered by Whitebridge Farm Productions as On Location Training but this time Ernest and partners Morgan and Lori wanted our cast and crew to experience a straight-out 18-day shoot, and more than 300 people put their lives on hold to participate. Doing double duty on the two movies, Ernest has worked with an extraordinary team of young cinematographers and editors and again has collaborated with Joe Deleault, who composed the infectious score, featuring the legendary Natalie MacMaster, and put another handful of Ernest’s lyrics to music, including “Look Around,” sung by multi-Grammy nominee Joan Osborne. All of which has turned HEAVENLY ANGLE into what Ernest calls, “a movie whose budget may be minuscule, but whose heart is huge.”

A down-on-his-luck Hollywood filmmaker, Linus Van Scooter, thinks he’s found a Heavenly Angle: to show up in a little town in New Hampshire and con its mayor and residents into putting money into a movie he has absolutely no intention of making. The scam works beautifully until his lovely and loyal muse has had enough of the game and leaves Linus to fend for himself, with no credit card or license and no choice but to make the movie. And, grudgingly, to accept that the woods are full of remarkably talented and passionate true believers, who, in turn, inspire Linus to embark on a hilarious and heartfelt journey back to the long-forgotten artist he once was.