Joan Osborne Takes a Look Around Heavenly Angle


Ernest Thompson, Joe Deleault and Joan Osborne in studio in Brooklyn, NY (courtesy photo)

Ernest Thompson, Joe Deleault and Joan Osborne
in studio in Brooklyn, NY (courtesy photo)

A hundred or so characters in HEAVENLY ANGLE sing their version of “Look Around,” as part of their audition in the movie within the movie.

“Of all the scenes in all the films I’ve directed, this is one of my favorites,” Ernest said. “There’s such a sensation of the joy of performing. The enthusiasm is incredible, in spite of the poignancy of the lyric. The lyric is saying, ‘before you get to the end of your life,’ you might want to take stock. Is there something you missed?’”

Joe Deleault’s soaring melody matches that ambivalence beautifully and so does Joan Osborne’s stunning vocal. Ernest and Joe count themselves among Joan’s hugest fans and were thrilled that she wanted to record the song. Joe took the long way from New Hampshire to Brooklyn, stopping in Toronto to lay down tracks with Natalie MacMaster and the rest of the band (Jim Prendergast on guitar, Chris Coole on banjo, Brendan Dowd on bass and Mark Kelso on drums), while Ernest was opening last summer’s production of On Golden Pond (and, this time round, playing Charlie the mailman).

When there was finally a dark day at the theatre, Joe and Ernest did the 20-hour-down-and-back round trip to Joan’s, portable studio in hand, and “Look Around” went from being a great idea and a good plot point in HEAVENLY ANGLE to something transcendent. In your fleetingest dreams, would you dare to believe that a day might exist when you could redeem all the life, all the life, all the life you missed?


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault
Vocals by Joan Osborne
Fiddle by Natalie MacMaster
Piano by Joe Deleault
Guitar by Jim Prendergast
Banjo by Chris Coole
Bass by Brendan Dowd
Drums by Mark Kelso

Look Around

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