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You Are Loved


BAR HARBOR — While “On Golden Pond” author Ernest Thompson is best known for being an accomplished writer, actor, producer and director, he also has a decidedly musical side. Thompson has written songs all of his life and has over the years teamed up with many composing partners to produce rock, folk, cabaret and pop-style songs.

His latest piece, “You are Loved,” written with singer Justin Jaymes, is an upbeat, energetic anthem along the lines of the popular hit “Happy,” he said, and bound to get everyone up and dancing. While in Bar Harbor this Saturday, Thompson and his wife, Kerrin, will film a video for the song. And they are inviting any interested people of all ages to come out and join the fun.

“Anybody who wants to participate, show up and we will make it happen,” Thompson said.

Participants in the video production will gather at Reel Pizza Cinerama at noon on Saturday, and the video production will take off from there.


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