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Cindy Kaza (courtesy photo)

Cindy Kaza
(courtesy photo)


“I love writing love songs,” Ernest said. “And I love Cindy Kaza, nuff said.”  This is the third one Ernest has done with Cindy, but it’s really more like the eighth since a song he wrote with his buddies Mark Sparky Elbaum and Dave Henderson they had Cindy record six different times in six different genres. Ernest used Make Me Crazy in a production he directed of his play Ax of Love, which takes place over the last 30 years of the 20th Century. Ernest and his partners did a Turtles-like version and an acid rock version to connote the late 60s and 70s, reggae and punk to show time passage through the 80s, grunge for the 90s and, finally, a Sara McLaclanesque rendition at the end, all of which Cindy nailed.


There’s a subplot love story in Time And Charges and that’s what Not Supposed To is really about, a woman knowing better than to fall in love with her boss and falling in love with him anyway. In the film, the setting is the same downtown bar in New York City and Ernest wanted the song to have an urban, pulsing sound to acknowledge subliminally the undercurrent of emotion between the characters. Ernest often says to writers in his workshops, “A lot of the time the scene’s not about what the scene’s about,” and that’s the case here and the song helps reinforce that. Joe Deleault came up with the perfect melody for Ernest’s lyric, pounding and intense but deceptively pretty, too.


Since Joe had played in a band with Cindy back in college, she was their no-brainer go-to singer. Didn’t hurt that she’s married now to Rich Redmund, Nashville’s premier drummer. Rich pulled together a few other Jason Aldean Band musicians, Tully Kennedy on bass, Steven J. King on keyboards and Erik Halbig on guitar, and made magic. “I can’t imagine Time And Charges without Not Supposed To,” Ernest said,  “And I can’t imagine anyone but Cindy singing it.”


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault
Vocals by Cindy Kaza
Drums by Rich Redmond
Bass from Tully Kennedy
Keyboards by Steven J. King
Guitar by Erik Halbig

Not Supposed To

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