Harley Chick CD Launch Party: June 17

Harley Chick and Old Boys Rock

Harley Chick and Old Boys RockNEW RELEASE


Local rock and blues legend Justin Jaymes teams with On Golden Pond Oscar winner Ernest Thompson to create the ultimate love song to Harley-Davidson, summertime and freedom. Bikers and all rock-n-roll lovers are invited to the official launch party of Harley Chick on Wednesday, June 17 at 6:30 pm at Tower Hill Tavern, on the main strip in Weirs Beach, where Thompson and Jaymes will be autographing CDs and Jaymes will perform live.

“Harley Chick” is all about hopping on a chopper and heading down a mountain road, finding a place to disappear and “dive in water warm and crystal clear.” Thompson and Jaymes, both longtime residents of New Hampshire, wanted to capture the Live Free or Die spirit and sensuality of ‘hauling down the highway … the wind whipping cool and slick,’ making ‘you come alive.’

The flip side, “Old Boys Rock,” is an irresistible, foot-stomping blues celebration of the eternal appetite boys of all ages have for being in love. Backed by New Hampshire musicians Jared Steer on drums and Gardner Berry on keyboards, current Vanilla Fudge bassist Pete Bremy and world-renowned guitar maestro Randy Roos, “Old Boys Rock” is the perfect answer to the age-old question, “does passion diminish with age?” Not for Ernest Thompson and Justin Jaymes and not in “Old Boys Rock.” It just keeps getting better.

Thompson, whose family lived in Walpole, NH when he was born, reconnected with the Granite State in 1980 when he filmed his award-winning blockbuster On Golden Pond on Squam Lake and never left. He raised his kids in the Lakes Region and has been an active filmmaker, actor, teacher and fierce supporter of local talent, offering On Location Training to anyone with any background, interested in any aspect of moviemaking. With partners Morgan Murphy and Lori Gigliotti Murphy, he founded Whitebridge Farm Productions and has shot two movies from his base in New Hampton, NH, Time and Charges and Heavenly Angle. A prolific songwriter, Thompson has collaborated with international stars Carly Simon, Joan Osborne and Natalie MacMaster, as well as New Hampshire’s own Mighty Sam McClain, Joe Deleault and Ray Porcell. Thompson’s partnership with Justin Jaymes began two years ago when they both participated in a tribute to the late, great rocker Joe Droukas, and has produced a double album’s worth of songs, culminating with their first release, “Harley Chick” and “Old Boys Rock.”

Jaymes, originally from Connecticut, has played up and down the East Coast, moving to the Lakes Region in the ’90s and quickly establishing himself as a fan favorite, headlining in local clubs, performing pre- and post-shows at Meadowbrook for the Zac Brown Band and other acts and sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the business, Blue Öyster Cult, Papa John Creach, Spencer Davis, Aztec Two-Step, Jonathan Edwards and Blind Willie Smith. His first album, Just In Dreams, has been a steady seller for several years. Highly regarded for his virtuoso guitar and harmonica playing and his unique and soulful vocal interpretations, Jaymes is a true original, his remarkable voice ranging from traditional blues to shake-the-rafters rock to country to folk. His collaboration with Thompson runs the gamut of styles, arena-sized anthems, heartbreaking ballads, inspiring and deeply personal love songs.

The official launch party for Harley Chick, Wednesday, June 17 at 6:30 pm at Tower Hill Tavern, 264 Lakeside Avenue, Laconia, in Weirs Beach, will feature both Thompson and Jaymes in person and a live performance of “Harley Chick” and “Old Boys Rock,” followed by a full show of Thompson|Jaymes hits and other classics both artists came of age rocking to. Famous as a showman with more than 800 covers in his repertoire, Jaymes’s gigs typically include everything from the Beatles to The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Seger, Springsteen and Dylan, as well as honoring blues gods like B.B. King and Diamond Teeth Mary.

Other Justin Jaymes shows during Motorcycle Week include:

405 Pub & Grill, Laconia, NH

Junior’s Crush House, Gilford, NH

Foster’s Boiler Room, Plymouth, NH

Mad River Tavern, Campton, NH

Knotty Pine Tavern, Wakefield, NH

J.P. China, Alton Bay, NH

For more information about Harley Chick and where it’s available for sale, go to www.MyHarleyChick.com.


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Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Justin Jaymes
Vocals by Justin Jaymes
Acoustic Guitar by Justin Jaymes
Electric Guitar by Randy Roos
Bass by Peter Bremy
Drums by Jared Steer


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Justin Jaymes
Vocals by Justin Jaymes
Harmonica by Justin Jaymes
Acoustic Guitar by Justin Jaymes
Electric Guitar by Randy Roos
Bass by Peter Bremy
Keyboards by Gardner Berry

Drums by Jared Steer

*Licensing rights must be obtained and are available through The Office of Ernest Thompson. Click here.

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