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Mike Farrell on Stage: Apr 1 – May 3

Known around the world for his role as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in the ever-popular TV series M*A*S*H, Mike Farrell returns to the stage as Norman Thayer, Jr., this time at the Alhambra Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida. Performances of ON GOLDEN POND run April 1 – May 3, 2015. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.


DON’T STOP BELIEVING by Ernest Thompson ~ Now what? We’ve written a terrific script. Everybody likes it, except for all the people who don’t, but that’s typical. We went to a screening last night at the Directors Guild here in LA; I’m a member. The movie was WHITEY; guess what it’s about. It had great shots of Boston, sexy helicopter approaches to the federal courthouse and driving shots through Southie and the people, the natural-born

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IMAGINE A Movie: Part 8

THE SWEET SPOT by Ernest Thompson ~ We’re in love.  With BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.  All is well with the world.   The script is finished. Pop the champagne.  Call your mother; mine’s dead.   In my movie HEAVENLY ANGLE the filmmaker is asked (by the drunken mayor he’s trying to bilk for a budget), “So now what? Just add water and poof – Academy Awards, People magazine, Ellen?”  The filmmaker, played handsomely and winningly convincingly by

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Political Suicide: October 10-25

PRESENTED BY NEMASKET RIVER PRODUCTIONS Premiering on New Hampshire’s Primary Night 2012, directed by and starring Ernest, POLITICAL SUICIDE went on to productions on both coasts, in partnership with Rock The Vote. It’s another election year and Nemasket River Productions is presenting the four provocative and darkly funny plays that comprise POLITICAL SUICIDE: POTATO HEAD FOR PRESIDENT, which imagines taking the best of each candidate and creating one inspiring one; OCCUPY NEW LEXINGTON, featuring a

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IMAGINE A Movie: Part 7

LOVE NOTES FROM LUNATICS by Ernest Thompson ~ How to take other people’s brilliant ideas and call them your own. Also – how to prevent really crappy ones from ruining your script. Or your life.   When’s your happiest time as a writer? When you’ve got the GREATEST CONCEPT for a movie any human brain ever thought of and you can barely contain your excitement and all you’ve got to do is, you know, write

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Music Video Needs Extras

YOU ARE LOVED BAR HARBOR — While “On Golden Pond” author Ernest Thompson is best known for being an accomplished writer, actor, producer and director, he also has a decidedly musical side. Thompson has written songs all of his life and has over the years teamed up with many composing partners to produce rock, folk, cabaret and pop-style songs. His latest piece, “You are Loved,” written with singer Justin Jaymes, is an upbeat, energetic anthem

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‘Golden’ Writer to Highlight MIFF

by Rob Levin BAR HARBOR — Nearly 25 years ago, a simple little movie starring Kathryn Hepburn and Henry Fonda caught the attention of millions of Americans. “On Golden Pond,” a drama of love and redemption, would go on to win several Academy Awards in 1981, including one for its author, a young writer from a small town in Vermont named Ernest Thompson. Decades later, “On Golden Pond” remains one of the most staged theater

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Writing Workshop: October 10-12

WRITE ON GOLDEN POND Is writing your passion? More than a hundred stories have been created at Ernest’s farm in the idyllic Lakes Region of New Hampshire by writers of all experience and backgrounds. Yours should be next.Click here to learn more. To register, call 603-744-3652 or email Space is limited.

MIFF By-the-Sea: September 12-13

“HEAVENLY ANGLE” SCREENING IN BAR HARBOR Want to get away to Maine’s enchanting coast and catch a movie that’ll make you smile all the way home? Ernest Thompson’s film HEAVENLY ANGLE will be featured at the MIFF By-the-Sea Film Festival this fall in charming Bar Harbor. The movie screened at the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF) in July, where it played to audiences that never stopped laughing – literally. For more information and to buy tickets, click here. Friday, September 12 at 5:30

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