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by The South Coast Insider|South Coast Prime Times ~

Laconia, NH is about a 2½ hour trip from most points on the South Coast area. My wife and I made the trip on Saturday to a place called Pitman’s Freight Room in downtown Laconia. This renovated old building houses a small function hall that makes a perfect venue for a perfect production of (IMHO) a perfect play.

Ernest Thompson wrote “On Golden Pond” in 1978; it’s taken him until now to direct a production of it. He chose Pitman’s, he says, because “it looks like the cottage at Golden Pond.”

When somebody of Thompson’s stature decides to do summer stock, be sure that he won’t have to scratch for quality cast members. The cast is comprised of seasoned veterans. There are no weak links, no flaws.

In addition to writing and directing, Thompson cast himself as the bumbling, Charlie the mailman. He knows the character, he wrote him. He obviously also enjoys playing the part.

How often does the opportunity come along to see one of the classic plays of our time directed by the author in a cozy 50 seat theatre? Probably-never again. It’s a worthwhile trip, guaranteed to delight.

Appearing through August 12th.

For info go to ON GOLDEN POND.


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