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I’ve been writing songs all my life; it’s a magical art form. In my Write On Golden Pond workshops, each writer is challenged to create a five-page play, no longer. If Bob Dylan can tell a story in a three- or four- or five-minute song, I tell my writers, or Paul Simon or Bruce Springsteen, we playwrights can, too. For me, song writing is the reverse process – take a theme and give it a musical shape, make it rhyme, use the meter to cast the message. I’m the luckiest guy in the world; I’ve worked with some extraordinary composers and some heavenly singers, some famous, some should be.

Here are some samples. Some are studio quality, already out there and for sale at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and elsewhere. Some are on the soundtracks of my movies TIME AND CHARGES and HEAVENLY ANGLE, some from recent theatre productions I’ve directed. Some have had radio play, in this country and abroad; some are demos. All of them are available to other artists and production companies. Give a listen; give us a holler.

To hear song clips and learn more about Ernest Thompson’s body of work as a lyricist and his composing partners, click on the links below.

Carly Simon and Ernest Thompson
Carly Simon and Ernest Thompson

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