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Boston Strong


The Boston Marathon bombing horrified and saddened everyone and not just in the beautiful city where I’ve spent some of the happiest times of my life, from childhood on. The outrage was felt across the country and around the world; our collective sense of community was jolted by an act of cowardice and then revivified by the extraordinary courage and commitment shown by thousands of Bostonians, native or not. There were heroes made that day and in the days that followed and it was that outpouring of generosity that I wanted to put into words, the sense of solidarity, the indomitable will. Joe Deleault and I are not the only songwriters moved to commemorate the spirit that makes Boston Strong; it’s a natural instinct to find comfort in something as simple as a song. I didn’t want our “Boston Strong” to be merely another tribute; I wanted to create an anthem, a raise-your-fists, stomp-your-feet, sing-along outcry of pride and resilience, a promise never to be defeated by hate and greed. This is that song, performed by some of New England’s most powerful musicians and sung by our illustrious neighbor to the North, Cam MacMaster. “Never breaking, never lost,” the lyric goes, “it’s the heart that makes us Boston Strong.”


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault
Vocals by Cam MacMaster
Acoustic Guitar/Banjo by Jim Pendergast
Electric Guitar by Mike Rossi
Drums by Scott Kinnison

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