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On Golden Pond


Oscar Winner Ernest Thompson collaborates with his longtime composing partner, the award-winning Joe Deleault, and with the legendary Carly Simon and Natalie MacMaster, to create these two new songs from Ernest’s own production of ON GOLDEN POND. For the first time Ernest directed his own play on stage, he wanted to push the emotional experience for the audience and began writing lyrics to underscore what the characters were going through in this iconic story. “Golden Pond is very near wherever you are,” is a line that Norman Thayer Jr. delivers at the beginning of the play and that’s what the song ON GOLDEN POND reflects. We all have a Golden Pond we long to return to, if only in our dreams. Joe and Natalie created the haunting melody and the brilliant young Canadian singer Emily Flack supplied the unforgettable vocals. Ernest’s partner in Whitebridge Farm Productions, Morgan Murphy, takes his daughters each year to the local Father Daughter Dance and that’s where that lyric came from. What better metaphor to speak to the nostalgia and innocence of a long-ago time than a song about something as precious and fleeting as a little girl going with her beloved dad and dancing the night away? And what better singer in America to capture that quicksilver sentiment than the amazing Carly Simon? Ernest sent her a scratch track Joe had recorded for THE FATHER DAUGHTER DANCE and Carly made the song her own. She trekked all the way up to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, where Ernest lives and where the timeless film of ON GOLDEN POND was shot, and, together, she and Joe and Ernest made beautiful music.The songs are part of the compilation FIND THE SUN, eleven songs Joe and Ernest and their many extraordinary collaborators have created for two new movies Ernest has written and directed, TIME AND CHARGES and HEAVENLY ANGLE, and his new play, POLITICAL SUICIDE, but these songs from ON GOLDEN POND can be purchased as a collector’s item, autographed by the Academy Award winner, a rare and unique opportunity for fans of ON GOLDEN POND and of Carly Simon and Natalie MacMaster.

Autographed by Oscar winner Ernest Thompson


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault and Natalie MacMaster
Vocals by Emily Flack
Fiddle by Natalie MacMaster
Cello by Matt Brubeck
Guitar by Rob Piltch


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault and Carly Simon
Vocals by Carly Simon
Piano by Joe Deleault
Bass by Brendan Dowd
Guitar/Synth by Randy Roos

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