Sterling and Gold

Andrew Sterling (photo by JDS Photography)

Andrew Sterling
(photo by JDS Photography)


Ernest wrote this lyric years ago, just waiting for the right time and the right collaborator to bring it to life. It fits neatly into the soundtrack of HEAVENLY ANGLE and, in a slightly less elegant form, is sung by a character in the movie.


“It’s Dylan,” Ernest’s composing partner Joe Deleault said when he read it. “Dylanesque,” Ernest said. But it’s that kind of song, old school folk rock, introspective and smart ass. When Ernest asked whom Joe had in mind to sing it, he said, without hesitation, “Andrew Sterling, end of story.”


A student of Joe’s at St. Anselm’s College, Andrew’s the real deal. Joe was in the middle of producing a CD with Andrew anyway and it was an easy segue into “Society’s Eyes.”


“What Andrew does with the song makes it personal,” Joe said. “It’s a young man’s take on an older guy’s journey, but despair and disillusionment don’t discriminate.”  I know I’ve done wrong in society’s eyes. I’ve been drunk until dawn and flopped flat on my face at sunrise. 


Ernest uses the song in a key moment in HEAVENLY ANGLE, when his character, Linus Van Scooter, has once again royally screwed up one part of his life and is on the fast track to screw up the next. “Perfect combination of song and singer,” Ernest said. “The way Andrew nails it forces the audience to listen. The regret of lost love is palpable. It really makes you feel the guy’s pain and, I believe, does what all art is designed to do – make you think about your own missed connections and lost opportunities. But you cheer for him, too, to get up and get going. Which really means you’re cheering for yourself. That’s what I believe the song does.”


In society’e eyes I’m shit for sure. I’m earthy and dirty and completely impure. Well, thank you, I’m flattered, but that’s never mattered as much as not being worthy in yours.


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault
Performed by Andrew Sterling

Society’s Eyes

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