The Soul of Time and Charges

Sandra and Mighty Sam McClain, Ernest and Kerrin Thompson and Joe Deleault on location (courtesy photo)

Sandra and Mighty Sam McClain,
Ernest and Kerrin Thompson, and Joe Deleault on location
(courtesy photo)


Because many of the central characters in Time and Charges met and matriculated in the Age of Aquarius, Ernest wanted to create a song that could echo the idealism of the 60s but speak to the 21st Century as well. As the lyrics began to present themselves – When the fires rage, when the skies burn brown, when the buildings shake and come tumbling down – he realized how contemporary the images were. Yes, there were war clouds when Ernest was young, there were riots in the streets and on college campuses, but the passions fanning the flames of anger and despair have grown more urgent, not less so. The underlying conditions keeping the world on edge, the dissatisfaction with one’s place in life, the economic frustrations and religious conflicts are more pronounced than ever, but now the resulting explosions have even greater and sadder impact. The buildings shaking and tumbling down could just as well be the World Trade Center, the rising waves are more than metaphorical; climate change and its many manifestations translate to new challenges daily. Forcing all of us to believe in our hearts that we can make a new start. And that in these even darker of dark times, we’ll be the ones to find the sun.


Joe Deleault, Mighty Sam McClain, Mahsa Vahdat and Ernest Thompson at The Skirball Cultural Center (courtesy photo)

Joe Deleault, Mighty Sam McClain,
Mahsa Vahdat and Ernest Thompson
at the Skirball Cultural Center
(courtesy photo)

“I love it when a song writes itself,” Ernest said. “But I knew that this one had to be bigger than the words.”  It was his first collaboration with Joe Deleault and Ernest had no idea that Joe had within him the sense of majesty and soulfulness that could elevate Find the Sun to the almost gospel quality Ernest was beginning to understand that it needed. “When he played it for me the first time, I felt what I believe many people experience in hearing it,” Ernest said. “It resounds like a hymn rising from an organ in a church. I was blown away.”  But who was going to sing it? “It needs a VOICE,” Ernest said. “All caps.”


Enter Mighty Sam McClain. Joe had worked with Sam for a few years; they’d toured Europe and played around the States and Joe’s been part of the band backing Sam in his ground-breaking duets with the extraordinary Persian singer Mahsa Vahdat. “I’ll ask him,” Joe said, and, a week later, brought back the recording you’ll hear on the Find The Sun CD. There’s a moment in the movie Time And Charges when Mighty Sam sings the song with a choir of children, that VOICE like a giant bird swooping down from the heavens, carrying everyone along with it. “I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the greats in the entertainment business,” Ernest said. “There’s no one greater.” Mighty indeed.


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault
Vocals by Mighty Sam McClain
Piano by Joe Deleault

Find the Sun

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