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Academy Award Winner Ernest Thompson

Meet Oscar Winner Ernest Thompson

Dates are being added regularly.

Many events are free and open to the public and some require registration or tickets. Check calender for details.

The Book of Maps by Ernest Thompson INDIES Finalist

The Book of Maps

Hardcover, eBook and Audiobook Now Available

The Book of Maps, with its powerful father-son relationship and one man’s relentless albeit unintentional quest to evolve into the better angel we all aspire to be, will capture the imagination of readers and leave them wanting to relive this mad, irresistibly moving, ridiculously funny, reflective and inspiring cross-country odyssey again and again.

Global Collective Publishers

Out Clause

Coming in 2025

If you could get out of your life, bad marriage, dead-end career, self-destructive pattern of mistakes and missteps, would you? Not terminate but renegotiate. If someone offered you an out clause, would you take it?

Time and Charges + Heavenly Angle

Streaming Soon

Upcoming Plays by Ernest Thompson

For a complete list of amateur productions, click here.

Mayfield Dinner Theatre

JUNE 25 - JULY 28, 2024

Professional production of On Golden Pond

Mayfield Dinner Theatre
16615 109 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB | Canada
(780) 483-4051 |

The lIttle Theatre On The Square

JULY 5-14, 2024

Professional production of On Golden Pond

The Little Theatre On The Square
16 E. Harrison Street
Sullivan, IL
(217) 728-7375 |

John Davidson’s Club Sandwich

Summer ~ Fall 2024

If you haven’t been to Club Sandwich, you haven’t lived. This season, John has something extra special in store. Every show opens with his own version of New Hampshire’s clarion call,“Live Free or Die,” lyrics by Ernest Thompson and music by the legendary Art Harriman, and closes with a song for which John wrote the music and his pal Ernest wrote the lyrics, “Keep the Party Going.” The well-known TV host of Hollywood Squares and That’s Incredible!, and the recurring guest host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (80 evenings), is more than just a funny guy, he’s starred on the big screen and on stage and has a voice and energy that won’t quit.

Sitting on a comfy couch or rocking in a chair at Club Sandwich, you’ll laugh, you’ll remember when and you’ll leave wanting to seize the day. For more information, click here.

John Davidson’s Club Sandwich

John Davidson and Ernest Thompson
on stage at Club Sandwich

Experience Squam Boat Tours

Golden Pond:
Through the Writer’s Eyes

Summer ~ Fall 2024

Take a boat ride with Academy Award winner Ernest Thompson and Captain Cindy O’Leary and see ON GOLDEN POND through the writer’s eyes. Ernest has a wealth of stories about Katharine Hepburn and the Fondas and will add his personal spin to the iconic film locations included in Captain O’Leary’s tour and, if you want, Oscar will be along for the ride. For more information and to make reservations, click here.

Experience Squam Boat Tour


La Mama, New York, NY
A staged reading of Karen Black’s powerful play, starring Ms. Black, Gail Brown, Barbara Haas, Eric Sutton and Kat Yew