The Book of Maps
Coming October 25, 2022
The Book of Maps, with its powerful father-son relationship and one man’s relentless albeit unintentional quest to evolve into the better angel we all aspire to be, will capture the imagination of readers and leave them wanting to relive this mad, irresistibly moving, ridiculously funny, reflective and inspiring cross-country odyssey again and again. Available now for preorder. For more information, click here.


The West Side Waltz
June 25 – October 1, 2022
Forty-one years after its premiere at the Ahmanson Theatre, starring Katharine Hepburn, Ernest deconstructed his script for The West Side Waltz. In the world premiere of Ernest’s newly revised, heart-filled story set during the tumultuous ’80s, Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum’s artistic director Ellen Geer; her sister, Melora Marshall; and daughter Willow Geer take on the roles of an aging concert pianist, her violin-playing spinster neighbor, and a would-be actress on New York’s Upper West Side. Directed by Mary Jo Du Prey, this production will run in repertory. For tickets, click here.

Ask/Answer - World Premiere

Lisa and Ryle meet at a colorectal clinic; what could be more romantic? Or hilarious, troubling or deeply moving? In this cunning and unexpected love story for the Age of Technology, two actors play not only a man and woman in dire need of reassurance, but also each other’s doctors and therapists, family members and friends, all of their conversations communicated via the computers and iPads and other devices that keep us simultaneously connected and chillingly isolated. No one wants to navigate the minefield of diagnosis and dread, fear and helplessness, but, as Lisa and Ryle grudgingly discover, the journey from anguish to acceptance, action, and hope, is made way more bearable, much funnier, and even inspiring, by having someone on your side.

Play News

On Golden Pond
National Tour: TBA
Ernest is in discussion to direct a national tour with major stars. Check back for updates.

Play News

Some Parts Missing
Ernest is back in conversations to bring this powerful play to Broadway, casting to be announced soon.

Dramatists Play Service logo

Dramatists Play Service
Hundreds of  productions of Ernest’s plays are presented throughout the United States and Canada every year through the Dramatists Play Service. For a current listing of upcoming productions, click here.


Film News

Home On Golden Pond
Ernest and his producing partner Ileen Maisel are out to several A-List stars for his eagerly anticipated sequel to the second highest-grossing movie of 1982, nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and winning three, one for Ernest’s screenplay adaptation. Under Ernest’s direction, Home On Golden Pond will have all of the original’s beloved locations, rich humor and pathos, and a whole new cast of characters.

Parallel America
Filming: TBD
Ernest’s newest movie, an eerily timely, wrenchingly emotional, provocative and hilarious reflection of the madness happening in Washington and how it affects all of us (and what we can do about it), will be shot in its entirety in New Hampshire. Currently in preproduction, there are still roles to be filled and crew to be added. And money to be raised! If you want to part of an important and powerful film, visit parallelamericathemovie.com and learn how you can join us as an investor, a volunteer, an actor, extra or crew member.

Film News

Human Beings
In Development
Written in the 1980s as a play and even more urgent and relevant today, Human Beings takes a bold and unflinching look at how we treat one another in our troubled world. From children being taken from their parents at the border to racism and homophobia, the concept of what it means to be human has never been more in question. Ernest has adapted this vital story for the screen, assembled a dynamic cast and is scouting locations and interviewing cinematographers and other crew members.


Masque Communication

“Please Put On Your Mask”
New Release by Masque Communication
Oscar winner Ernest Thompson, award-winning composer Joe Deleault and Boston’s hottest singer-songwriter Samantha Farrell have done it again. Their newest collaboration—”Please Put On Your Mask”—will make you want to move to the groove and put it on. Masks are more important than ever (click here to watch video). Please spread the word. Share the video. Or make your own. A song for our times, now available at Bandcamp and coming soon to iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Joe Deleault and Ernest Thompson

Recording in Studio
Joe Deleault and Ernest have written a slew of songs together, including “On Golden Pond,” with Natalie MacMaster, and “The Father Daughter Dance,” with Carly Simon, both of which Ernest used in his Winnipesaukee Playhouse production of On Golden Pond. Ernest and Joe also created a new piece for that show, “I Will Be With You,” and another striking anthem called “Time’s Up,” inspired by the courageous voices raised in the name of the Me, Too movement. To check out more from this dynamo duo, click here.

Boston Strong by Thompson|Deleault

“Boston Strong” Single
Now available
Patriots Day 2019 marked the sixth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing and this single, written by Ernest and Joe and performed by Cam MacMaster, remains just as potent and crucial. And just as much a motiving battle cry for anyone shaken by the horror of that day—and every dark day in America, every cowardly act of terrorism and cruelty. If you haven’t heard it, now’s the time. To find out where “Boston Strong” is available for sale, click here.

Boston Strong

Justin Jaymes and Ernest Thompson

Thompson | Jaymes
Performing New Songs
Justin Jaymes’s amazing live shows regularly feature songs he’s written with Ernest—they’ve created more than 30 together. Their newest is “Reasons for Reason,” a tribute to the Parkland shooting victims and all the other reasons why now more than ever reason is needed in working together to prevent violence and find common ground in this difficult, but not impossible conversation. Justin and Ernest are gearing up to head back into the studio. To sample their other collaborations, click here.

Ray Porcell and Ernest Thompson

Thompson | Porcell
Upcoming CD
How Much Do You Miss Me? If that’s a question you find yourself asking, here’s good news: the Van Dykes are back at it. “How Much Do You Miss Me” is Ray Porcell and Ernest’s newest song, one of many they’ve conspired on in the last year or so, enough for an album, which they’re on the verge of recording. In the meantime, click here and give a listen to their first two, and watch their heartwarming “Brönte Brook” music video.

Ernest Thompson and Eric Troyer

Thompson | Troyer
New Collaboration
Eric Troyer, founding member of ELO Part II and its successor The Orchestra, and Ernest became fast friends only three years ago and immediately started writing songs. Four down, more to come. The Orchestra is almost never not on tour—you can find out their dates here—and Ernest’s kinda busy, too—see above and below—but, whenever they can, the two ETs hook up somewhere in outer space and make beautiful music together, including their newest, “Dreams In Your Head.” Studio time coming.


Whitebridge Farm

What’s Your Story?
Date: TBA
Unlike other master classes, where you listen to legendary artists talk about their craft, at this hands-on, total-immersion weekend workshop you’ll create your own masterpiece and work with Ernest one-on-one, online this year. There are only eight seats at Ernest’s virtual dining room table. Don’t wait to reserve yours.

Joe Deleault and Ernest Thompson

Got a Song You Want to Write?
Upcoming workshop: TBA
Don’t miss your chance to hear two prolific professional songwriters share their process. Oscar winner Ernest Thompson and award-winning composer Joe Deleault have collaborated with legends, including Carly Simon and world-renowned fiddler Natalie MacMaster. Their work has been recorded by luminaries such as multi-Grammy nominee Joan Osborne, SNL’s resident singer Christine Ohlman and the one and only Mighty Sam McClain. The alchemy of Thompson’s lyrics turned into musical magic by Deleault has delighted film, theatre and radio audiences. Find out how they do it.


Experience Squam

Ultimate On Golden Pond Boat Tours
Summer ~ Fall
Take a boat ride with Academy Award winner Ernest Thompson and Captain Cindy O’Leary and see ON GOLDEN POND through the writer’s eyes. Ernest has a wealth of stories about Katharine Hepburn and the Fondas and will add his personal spin to the iconic film locations included in Captain O’Leary’s tour and, if you want, Oscar will be along for the ride. For more information and to make reservations, click here.