We’re All “Boston Strong“

Cam MacMaster (courtesy photo)

Cam MacMaster
(courtesy photo)


Ernest Thompson, whose Boston roots began with his Somerville grandfather, an engineer on the Boston-Maine Railroad, and extend to Boston University’s Mugar Library, where Thompson’s papers are collected in the Howard Gottlieb Archival Research Center, felt, like millions of others, a personal connection to the horrors of the Boston Marathon bombing. A lifelong storyteller (he won an Academy Award for his “On Golden Pond” screenplay), his first instinct was to write about it, to try to put into words the anger and devastation experienced by Bostonians everywhere, in the city and in their hearts.


He wanted his “Boston Strong” to be an anthem, a never-forget battle cry of unity and inspiration, and it was that lyric he sent to his longtime collaborator Joe Deleault, a man with a lot of Boston history himself. A hockey player and award-winning composer who graduated from The New England Institute of Art in North Boston, he also took personally the bombers’ act of cowardice.


Having written songs with Carly Simon and Natalie MacMaster, the great Cape Breton fiddler, Thompson and Deleault share a strong musical bond and immediately knew the sound they wanted for Boston Strong, a Celtic spirit fused with hard-driving rock-n-roll. Joe had recently performed with Natalie MacMaster’s cousin Cam MacMaster and knew that he had the perfect gritty voice to match the power of the words and music.


Lyrics by Ernest Thompson
Music by Joe Deleault
Vocals by Cam MacMaster
Acoustic Guitar/Banjo by Jim Pendergast
Electric Guitar by Mike Rossi
Drums by Scott Kinnison

Boston Strong

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Boston Strong by Thompson|Deleault



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