Got a Song You Want to Write?


Songwriting Seminar November 16, 2019

Don’t miss your chance to hear two prolific professional songwriters share their process. Oscar winner Ernest Thompson and award-winning composer Joe Deleault have collaborated with legends, including Carly Simon and world-renowned fiddler Natalie MacMaster. Their work has been recorded by luminaries such as multi-Grammy nominee Joan Osborne, SNL’s resident singer Christine Ohlman and the one and only Mighty Sam McClain. The alchemy of Ernest Thompson’s lyrics turned into musical magic by Joe Deleault has delighted audiences. Find out how they do it.

This workshop will be held at the Manchester Community Music School, 2291 Elm Street, in Manchester, NH. All levels of experience welcome. For questions, call (818) 861-9130 or email

Our last three events sold out fast!

Registration: $75.00

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Words + Music was created to foster educational programing and products (coming soon) that inspire positive action in the world through song. Ernest has written scores of lyrics and worked with dozens of composers to create a vast library of music—from rock to blues to soul to country to Celtic to pop, and even a little rap and gospel.

A natural-born teacher, Ernest has taught writing and acting all over the world. He looks forward to partnering with Joe for the fall seminar and to inviting other collaborators to participate in their upcoming Spring/Summer series.

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