Ernest Thompson Boston Master Class (photo by P.T. Sullivan)

Ernest has taught acting, writing and directing all over America. He brings to his classes, large and small, the same passion and professionalism he’s employed in directing stars as disparate as Shirley MacLaine and Liza Minnelli, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, or Robert Downey Jr. and Bruce Dern, and the knowledge that an Academy Award-winning writer of more than 25 screenplays and nearly as many plays has gathered in a more than 45-year career.

As a public speaker Ernest is a natural, at ease in front of any size audience, and can work with actors, teachers, politicians, and executives from huge corporations to small companies, helping all of them improve their own comfort at the podium and teaching the secrets of how to write and deliver the perfect speech.


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Public Speaking


Photo by P.T. Sullivan