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Workshops | Public Speaking


As he very successfully does with actors, famous and soon-to-become famous, Ernest works one-on-one with clients wanting to be more relaxed in front of a room, who are about to give the “biggest speech of their lives,” or are merely intent on showing the best of their personalities and sounding authentic and sincere. Ernest can help you write your speech; he can show you how to structure a beginning, middle and end that will keep your audience involved, stimulated and even inspired. And he can teach you how to sell it. In a gradated series of progressive sessions or in one “emergency” brush-up, Ernest will teach you the tools to be that speaker no one will ever forget.


Does the idea of facing an audience fill you with fear? Do you freeze up? Are you convinced that no one’s listening? It happens to the best of them. If it can happen at the Oscars when a movie star suddenly doesn’t seem all that charming and funny, or at a debate where a politician becomes a deer in headlights, you should know two things: 1. you’re not alone and 2. you can do better. Ernest has applied his Midas touch to a range of speakers, from CEOs addressing auditoriums full of shareholders to teachers wanting to bring out the best in their students and even a minister convinced he was “putting God to sleep.” It’s not quite as simple as “being yourself,” but spend a workshop watching Ernest be himself and you’ll begin to understand that there are aspects of your own personality, intelligence and humor just waiting to be tapped. Ernest has a bucket of tricks and exercises to help you bring out your charisma, even when a room of frowners is staring you down. As is true with all of Ernest’s workshops, he makes the process of becoming an effective and winning Public Speaker fun. For groups of ten or more, no size limit.

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Ernest Thompson Speaking at an event

Ernest Thompson
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